Paving the Path for Diverse Technology Leaders

Who is this program for?


The female tech professional, or non-binary individual, who has stepped away from their tech career and are looking to return to work or re-skill as a leader in the tech workplace. 

You know deep down inside that you are ready to relaunch your tech leadership career.  You know you want to rebuild your skills and lead top notch professionals.  You know that your talented and have skills, however, you don't know where to begin or how to go about reskilling.  

All you know is that you already have a higher education, you have professional experience, and you don't want to spend the next quarter of your life pouring yourself into software coding in an environment you don't feel welcome, just to learn skills that are not relevant to the job you want or at the level you have earned.

If any of this resonates with you, then we can help.  

We Can Help


We at Lift Up Careers are your North Star and compass along your individualized journey to return back into tech leadership in the position that you earned.

We do this by providing a personalized 8 week professional development and coaching program for you to return to work or re-skill your career in the tech workforce.  We individualize your plan and create a path of accountability to achieve your technology and leadership goals.  

The best part is you won't be alone; you are joined by other professionals who are looking to do the same, relaunch their tech careers.  Learning by instruction is only part of the picture, personal reflection and class interaction are all key to making this a successful immersion program.  Not only do we and the instructors support and guide you, but your peers in your class will do the same.  

Lift Up MKE believes in bringing equity and diversity to the growing demand for leadership in the technology profession and we are here to help you achieve those dreams for yourself.

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