Hack a Pipeline


Hack-a-Pipeline's hackathon mission is to provide a safe environment for women and non-binary individuals to bring inspiration, talent, and innovation to the tech community in order to stop the pipeline leak.  


While pipeline, (female tech recruiting), efforts are important, it will do little good to increase the “pipeline” if companies cannot retain employees once they get there.  We are here to provide the space and the event to allow all women and non-binary individuals to make connections and explore technology.

Milwaukee has a seat at the Tech Hub table.  That table needs to be welcoming for all.  Hack-a-Pipeline demonstrates the talent that is already within our community.  We open our doors for the demos and we welcome the sponsors, businesses, and community members to to come and witness the power of inclusion.  

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 A donation helps us provide scholarships to our events for our community. 

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