Value of Gender Diversity


Companies need to treat gender diversity like the business priority it is

"Closing the corporate gender gap isn’t a side issue. It’s an economic necessity. Programs and policies designed to reduce bias and ensure fairness don’t just benefit women. They benefit everyone. In the best workplaces, the most talented people can rise, no matter who they are. That should be the expectation for every workplace, everywhere"*


Pipeline Issue

"To combat the pipeline issue, Harley-Davidson CIO Taren Rodabaugh is careful to proactively look for high-performing women rather than expecting them to self-select. “We found that many high-performing women aren’t raising their hands to say they’re ready to move up because they don’t have 100 percent of the requirements,” she says. “Many women need to be coached to feel ready to move up if they can’t ‘check all the boxes.’”

Rodabaugh doesn’t exclude women without traditional technology backgrounds. “We don’t limit ourselves to IT,” she says. “We’ve looked to areas such as manufacturing or even sales and marketing to find highly qualified project managers or financial experts who understand how to get things done. There are certain core leadership skillsets that aren't technology-specific.”"*


Recruitment Redefined

"To bring in diverse candidates at all levels, many organizations have reinvented recruitment efforts, looked to eliminate bias throughout the hiring process, and partnered with educational institutions or external organizations that emphasize STEM careers or STEM education. For example, diverse recruiting and interviewing teams can proactively serve as a testament to an organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Keysight VP and CIO Dan Krantz increased the number of female applicants and hires by sending a team of all-female recruiters to college job fairs. “Qualified women technologists are out there, but you have to be intentional about finding them,” he says."** 

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